My Journey of Nutrition and Health

Clean Eating, Healthy, Balanced Nutrition, Organic…..the list goes on but the first time I heard all these things I had no idea what any of them meant. So I ignored them and continued eating the same things I had always ate. I grew up eating macaroni and cheese for dinner, and my Mom would give us candy bars, potato chips, coke and cake for snacks. As long as I was fed and full my parents didn’t worry if I was eating “healthy” or not. So I never had anyone explaining to me what a “balanced diet” was. As I got older, around the age of 14, I started concerning myself with my weight and how I looked in the mirror. I had no idea that the food I was consuming had so much to do with how my body looked and felt. I decided that either starving myself or binging and throwing up would be the best choice to lose weight and stay skinny. Totally healthy right? So began my eating disorder.

I continued to create unhealthy habits of stuffing my face with anything and everything because I thought – eat what you want, throw it up, you’ll be fine! I was sadly mistaken. My eating disorder took me down a path of destruction. I became SO consumed with my love/hate relationship for food my obsession with my body image took control of my life. I was miserable, hated how I looked, I had NO energy, the list goes on and on.

During college I joined a gym, but when I walked in I felt lost. I didn’t know what any of the equipment was or how to use it properly. I knew from P.E. in school that doing some type of cardio was good for you, so I stuck with that. I either went to Group Fitness Classes, or I’d hop on the treadmill and run. Easy right? Going to the gym everyday took my “negative self image” and turned it around, some. I felt better, I had more energy, I seemed happy again – thats when my love for fitness was born. I began wanting to spend more and more time in the gym and wanted to learn so much about my health, that I decided to become a Personal Trainer.  I became a Certified Personal Trainer in April 2007 through AFAA and the rest was history – or so I thought.

Through all this my eating disorder was the one constant variable in my life. I still had no idea how to eat, or how to fuel my body with good, solid nutrition. I was going to the gym daily, teaching others how to take care of their bodies to make them stronger and help them lose weight, BUT I myself wasn’t completely balanced. I would go to the gym and then 30 minutes later, I’d pull up to the drive-thru at McDonalds and order a large fry and a large coke for dinner.

A little over 3 years ago after changing careers and going full time into Personal Training, I decided I wanted to challenge myself. I decided to compete in a Fitness Competition. I didn’t know where to begin so I did some research and came across a local Fitness Model, Amanda Adams – who at the time ran a Personal Training Studio in Atlanta. I met with her and she gave me SO much advice! I figured out which show I was going to compete in and hired a coach. 6 months later I competed in the Fit Sciences Championships in Atlanta, winning 1st in my Class and 5th Overall. I felt great for accomplishing that goal, but I also learned a ton about food and proper nutrition. I learned what types of foods fueled me and gave me the energy to withstand the workouts I was putting my body through. I couldn’t believe my transformation!

Recently, I decided to go back to school to further my education and get my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, to become a licensed Dietician. I’m still a Personal Trainer and have such amazing clients, but Nutrition and Food is where my Passion lies. Through all this “Fit Ambition, Smart Nutrition” was born and I wanted to share with all of you that eating doesn’t have to be stressful and hard. You don’t have to fear food or let food control you. You can take control of your life and literally change your health and body from the inside out.

I hope you will join me, celebrate with me, laugh with me, learn with me as I take you on my journey of nutrition and health!